First Post: Writer’s Block Introductory

Writer’s Block
Phrase of writer
The condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing.

Hi everyone!

I am starting this blog because I want to do more. I want to talk about topics and ideas that I am invested in, I want to start a discussion create something to share with all of you. This blog, like most, is a platform for my thoughts. A platform for my thoughts on Writer’s Block, how to overcome it, what works and what doesn’t, and remarkable individuals who were afflicted by it among other things. In addition I will be posting weekly, every Friday, with blog posts about books I’m reading, authors I’m currently into or generally anything in the realm of books and literature because books make my insides giddy.

So let’s jump right in.

Described as a condition and affliction, Writer’s block has been documented throughout history as a writer’s inability to continue on with their work, having lost all creative thought. The spectrum of individuals affected by this condition is horrifically broad including but not limited to: Bestselling authors, columnists, graphic novelists, high school students and novices. The list goes on and on. In fact I have been the victim of this ‘condition’ many a time; in fact I was hindered by it in writing this first blog post. I must have stared at a blank screen for at least two days before I typed one word.

All throughout the essay writing days of high school, students, myself included, simply gave up on the entire assignment because they were blocked by a cone of unimaginativeness. The real question however is was this truly ‘writer’s block’ or simply one too lazy to do the research, to try harder? A convenient excuse?

Why don’t we take it back to its origins.
The term ‘Writer’s Block was coined in 1947 by Edmund Bergler (1899-1962), an American Psychoanalyst who, While an authority on an myriad of subjects, is largely remembered for his theories pertaining to both homosexuality and writer’s block.

While there have been Psychoanalyst’s like Bergler who have developed theories about writer’s block it is exceedingly difficult to attempt to clinically diagnose it, as the symptoms can vary and be entirely subjective. Therefore there is a larger debate over whether writer’s block actually exists or whether it’s simply all in our heads.

I personally believe that writer’s block is very real and not entirely a figment of our imagination.


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