REVIEW: The Death Cure

The death Cure[i] by James Dashner, the third in its trilogy, was an enjoyable read, for the most part. There were, however,some serious flaws. Disappointing flaws.


While I know there is a Prequel to this trilogy, the last book in any series should still wrap everything up in a nice little bow, displayed on a silver platter regardless of if there’s a prequel. And the Death Cure doesn’t. We don’t get answers to…well most everything that we are craving to know and find out about and, if anything are left with even more burning questions. Which I think does this book a major disservice. This entire trilogy a major disservice.

Put it this way; I would personally prefer the ending of the first book as the ending than the actual one.

There are spoilers ahead in the rest of this review…rant…review.

One of the major issues that I found with this book was Teresa and Brenda.

Every moment with these characters had me throwing my hands up in the air and using a few choice words. I seriously wasn’t happy.

First let’s talk about the fact that, once again, Teresa might as well not have even been in the book. I feel like Dashner just decided to toss her aside, which is insane considering she is the MAIN HEROIN of the series. He then seemingly replaces her with Brenda who has little to no substance and is just there for Thomas as a poorly done romantic interest.

They were basically interchangeable.

It was disappointing because I feel like a relationship between Thomas and Teresa could have been so densely intense and passionate, something that we, as an audience, would have latched on to and really brought it to life. But no, instead he decided to go with the lukewarm “romance” of Thomas and Brenda.

There was a serious double standard within this book. The thing that really got me is that throughout the entire book, and the previous one for that matter, Thomas despises Teresa for ‘betraying’ him. He constantly feels violent when he even looks at her, and yet, when it comes to Brenda and when she does basically the same thing (I mean she worked for WICKED and was a knowing participant and plant for crying out loud, with all her memories intact I might add) and yet it barley phases him. It’s ludicrous! And extremely poorly thought out.

I just can’t even begin to fathom how Dashner could even conceive killing off the main heroin and replace her, instantly, with a knock off version. I mean she gives her life for Thomas and she only gets half a page for it?! That’s just not on.

The fact that Thomas refuses to obtain his memory back is the reason we are left with so many unanswered questions. He chose to live without the stain of knowing what he and Teresa did, guilt free, while Teresa doesn’t. She chooses the harder and more painful route and gets her memory back, to which she is demonised for. It becomes another excuse for Thomas to hate her which is supposed to make it easier for Dashner to kill her off. It’s a pretty poor excuse to hate her in my eyes.

The thing is, throughout this book, Dashner never got me to hate her or even dislike her, no matter how hard he tried and he did try really, really hard. If you are going to kill off a main character, the main heroin, after turning everyone against her and painting her as evil and devious then you need to do it right and Dashner fails extraordinarily with this. Frankly we don’t even know her well enough to hate her, just like with Brenda. We don’t know her and therefore how are we even able to form an opinion for or against either of them?

I think these points are a real shame because the writing is just so damn good.

It really grabs you and draws you in despite the plot and character flaws and major issues. In an emotional scene it’s the WRITING that pulls at your tear ducts and makes you ball your eyes out more so than the actual events and Dashner’s incredible writing certainly left me red eyed on two separate occasions.

The characters of Minho and Newt were just…wow. They make this series and the MADE me keep reading this book.

Truthfully I thought this book was a disappointing end to a fantastic series, but there are some aspects that still make it worth the read, if only because it is the end.

Is it wrong that I secretly hope in the next movie installments that they do a horrible thing and just leave out Brenda’s character entirely? Things would be good then…

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2 thoughts on “REVIEW: The Death Cure

    1. yeah, there was a huge double standard there and i personally think Brenda was just thrown in to add drama because there was no real substance to her other than for her to be an unconvincing love interest :/ It sucks though because the last two books could have been so amazing!


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