This Week I am Reading:

Ranger’s Apprentice: the Royal Ranger by John Flanagan The_Royal_Ranger_(Au)

The Royal ranger is a part of the Ranger’s Apprentice series and jumps ahead several years from the last book. Which I’m still dubious about.

I’ve had The Royal Ranger waiting to be read for a very long time, but I never picked it up. Probably because I was kind of afraid that it would ruin the rest of the series for me, especially because the last of the series (before the Lost Stories) wrapped everything up nice and neatly and everyone had a happy ending. This book did ruin the nice happy ending. It didn’t just ruin it, it blew it to pieces. Which I hated, but I loved being back in the Ranger’s Apprentice universe, I hadn’t realised how much I missed it until I opened the pages and started reading.

John Flanagan is a genius. Honestly, the world he has created with the Ranger’s Apprentice series is phenomenal. You don’t devour the book, the book devours you.


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