This Week I am Reading:

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin download

Admittedly I have read a few books this week, however I am currently reading the first book in the Mara Dyer trilogy.

I just…

I just don’t know about this book.

Part of me loves it and part of me hates it.

It starts with amazing promise of a really thrilling paranormal trilogy with mystery and intrigue and all that good stuff that sends tingles down your spine and forces you to bring the book closer to your face like you could shovel the words down your throat.

But then…there’s the romance. To me it seems like the entire plot of the book comes to a standstill in order for the romance to develop.

Noah. British. Indescribably attractive. Player. Unfathomably rich. He is the predictable arrogant arsehole how steals our heroin’s heart with his possessive attitude that disturbing resembles that of Twilight. The catch with Noah, however is that Hodkin’s writes him in such a way that we happily excuse his bad qualities; in fact, some of those bad qualities are why we want him in every page, on every line. I’ll admit, I wouldn’t turn him away either.

Mara. Annoying. Contradictory. Frustrating. I can’t say she’s my favourite heroin.  Too unreliable. If there ever was an unreliable narrator, she’s it. To that is part of the charm, we never know, like her, if what she’s seeing is real of a hallucination. However, she’s also too fickle, for my liking. One minute she hates Noah the next minute it’s sexual innuendo all over the place. She trusts him, she doesn’t trust him. MAKE UP YOUR MIND!

Oh, and the horrendous girl on girl hate within this book. Wow. I mean, come on Hodkin’s! We girls already have to deal with enough girl on girl hate in real life, we don’t need it in our fiction. I mean seriously Mara, you want to kick your brother’s girlfriend “in the shins and run away” because she played a few open mic nights with Noah? Really? Not okay.

One majorly amazing point for this book? The cover! It’s incredibly beautiful.


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