Writing is Hard

Honestly, writing is extremely hard. To sit down at your desk and spill forth sentence after sentence is a lot harder than it might look.

It takes a lot to wright a novel. A lot of discipline and a tone of determination and that oh so important motivation. Its obtaining all three of those qualities at the same time that’s the trick. The elusive trifecta.

Look at it this way; you sit down at your desk, word document open, fingers prone to stamp out those all-important words and then, you notice all the dust, or that your desk is untidy, or that your entire house is untidy and you just have to clean it, at that very moment.

During NaNoWriMo I was plagued with this type of procrastination multiple times. It’s not just knowing or not knowing what to write, its actually getting yourself to sit down and start, to continue to sit and type.

It’s not easy. In fact it’s one of the hardest things I have ever had to force myself to do. And for someone who has always wanted to have her name on a book, that’s saying something. Who knows how bestselling authors of twenty novels do it. They have some serious superpowers.

I think it’s getting all of those thoughts rampaging through your mind out and onto paper, and having them all come out coherent and actually relevant to the plot.

There has got to be a trick to it, some quick cheat sheet to sitting for long periods of time. For now though i suppose, like countless others, we’ll just have to struggle through and write that book out of pure spite.

You said it Lisa!

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