This Week i am Reading:

So this weeks ‘Friday read’ is a little late. Partially because of Christmas and partially because I was so convinced that 17208924Friday was Sunday for the majority of the day…Christmas puts everything out of whack, in a good way though.

At the beginning of the week I started Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan.

Since starting it I haven’t gotten very far, chapter three to be precise. I just…I don’t know about this book. I haven’t been able to really get into it, which is weird for me when its partly written by John Green. I mean it’s John Green!

Maybe it’s something about the shift in point of view, or the way the font changes, or how they’ve done the second Will’s dialogue…the characters…Tiny…all of it. I’m just not sold.

Admittedly I thought the book was about something completely different. I had assumed, from the blurb on the back, that the two Will Greyson’s would fall in love with each other and that would be the ‘life altering event’, little did I know, the first Will Greyson we meet is disappointingly straight!

I’m hoping beyond hope, that I start to connect with it, or am at least able to finish it. I do so hate disappointing my books, it’s criminal to leave them half read.

*sigh* sorry John Green, I’ll try harder to love it.


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