My Best Books of 2014

Since I didn’t have a “this week I am reading” post to put up, as I am still plodding along through Will Grayson, Will Grayson, I decided instead to do what, I think, are the best books of 2014, at least out of the books I read.
The books that I devoured last year and the books that devoured me.


While most of the books on my list weren’t published in 2014, it was, however when I discovered them.
I read a LOT of books throughout the year; however these eight books are the ones that stayed with me in one way or another. Whether it was a Parisian love story that I wanted to be mine to a revolution I wanted to be a part of or the alien invasion I wanted to fight against. For me these books where my favourite reads, the most compelling, and honest, and beautiful.

Generally I don’t participate in any kind of rating system; however for the purpose of a ‘best of’ list I think I must succumb to its wicked ways.


Now onto my picks for best books of (that i read in) 2014!

Number Eight:

The Maze Runner By James Dashner


The first instalment of the trilogy was by far the best for me, the questioning, suspense, wit and the character that was the maze all made this book incredibly enjoyable to be lost within. Shame that can’t be said for the next two.

Number Seven:

The Fifth Wave By Rick Yancey

download (1)

I love a good post-apocalyptic alien invasion and The Fifth Wave certainly gave me one of the best and most unique I have ever read. I can’t wait to dive into book two!

Number Six:

Divergent By Veronica Roth

divergent uk cover

This is probably the best dystopian society masquerading as a utopian society that I have ever gotten my hands on. The concept it incredible, the characters are amazing, I struggled to find fault with this book.

Number Five:

Fangirl By Rainbow Rowell

download (2)

The title says it all. Every self-confessed fangirl should have this book on their book shelf. I love Rowell’s work, and Fangirl is one of her best. I mean she only has like four novels but still, it counts.

Number Four:

Anna and the French Kiss By Stephanie Perkins


This was my first Perkins and oh my, it has made me fall in love with her writing. I actually saw this book a few years ago (I think) and I remember putting it back on the shelf because I hated, and I mean hated, the cover. And then a few months ago I unwittingly rediscovered it with the amazing cover you see above you, and couldn’t help but grab it. I know, that’s horrible of me, but lets not kid ourselves; we all judge the book by it’s cover.

Number Three:

My True Love Gave to Me Edited by Stephanie Perkins


An anthology filled with amazing work from amazing authors. This is the perfect Christmas read…actually, it’s the perfect anytime, all the time read.

Number Two:

Eleanor & Park By Rainbow Rowell


Another Rowell. This book made me feel a kaleidoscope of emotions; happy, sad, hurt, anxious, excited, giddy, scream with excitement, yell with frustration. The best books don’t just make you feel happy or devastated, they make you feel all of it at once until it knocks you down and refuses to let you up.

Number one:

The Fault in our Stars By John Green


My first John Green. This book destroyed me, put me back together and then pummelled me all over again, and we all know why. There are a lot of books out there with the same concept but in my opinion nothing quite matched this book.

Those were my favorite reads of 2014. Now it’s on wards into 2015!

So lets get reading!

200 (4)…or how about an ice cream break?


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