This Week i am Reading:

I was reading Lola and the boy next door by Stephanie Perkins, but I had to put it

My sanity couldn’t deal with the over used, over done love triangle that seems to be a pesky staple in way too many YA books these days. While I understand the appeal of using a love triangle and why so many authors perpetuate the concept to death, it just isn’t for me. For me, all it does is turn me vehemently off the book. And it’s done it again with Lola, I may try and pick it up again, in fact I know I’ll definitely pick it up again I just don’t know when.

So instead I decided to delve into Two Boys Kissing by David Levithan, and oh my am I glad I did. I’ll admit the perspective is a little hard to get use to and so is the stories flitting from imagesone to the other, but it doesn’t take that long to sink into the groove of it.

We are given the story through the eyes of gay men who have died from AIDS, with lots of ‘we’s’ and ‘us’’ and ‘you’s’.

This point of view is probably the strangest, most unique narration I have come across so far, and it’s wonderful. I wouldn’t want this story told any other way.

It’s about Two boys kissing, but also about so much more than that. Its bloody inspirational.


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