This Week I am Reading:

The Incredible Adventures of Cinnamon Girl by Melissa Keil9781742978307

Alba loves her life just as it is…the guy she thought long gone has unexpectedly reappeared.
And the boy who has been her best friend since forever has suddenly gone off the rails.
And even her latest comic-book creation is misbehaving.

Also, the world might be ending – which is proving to be awkward…

The cover of this book is the most wonderful thing EVER!

I won’t lie, the cover was probably the only reason I wanted to buy this book. The premise does sound interesting, however I’ve never been one of the humorous take on end of the world situations, but I decided to venture outside of my comfort zone and see what this YA romance apocalyptic book has to offer.

I’m not that deep into it yet, and so far my opinion of it is very unformed as of yet. I have noticed the narration likes to talk to the audience, for example when our Cinnamon Girl mentions someone it might be punctuated with an “and we’ll get to him later”. It’s almost like a friend sitting across from you at a coffee shop retelling the events of a crazy Saturday night; So we were dancing and this girl walked by with this hideous dress, I think I even took a photo, but I’ll show you later, anyway, Where was i…

I don’t know how I feel about it just yet, it’s not exactly a distraction but it is a style of narration I don’t normally read or have come across all that often.

It’s all very up in the air at the moment, hopefully Cinnamon Girl comes through.


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