The E-reader vs Paperbacks

I am a solid believer in the Paperback. In physical, heavy books. Hardbacks to sit on the shelf with collectable covers and paperbacks to devour, take with you, throw around (softly) and read.

I love everything about them. The feel, the weight, the smell, turning the pages, using bookmarks. I love all the freakish loves that comes with being a self-confessed bibliophile.

A few years ago when my sister offered to buy me a Kobo, I didn’t know whether I wanted one or not. Electronic books? There just wasn’t a big appeal for me, and I’ll admit I did, and still do, kind of blame the E-Book market for stamping out bookstores everywhere.

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So which is really better? The newfangled thing called an E-Book or the faithful paperback?

If I’m honest and completely unbiased I can see positives and negative in both.

The act of simply walking into a bookshop is an experience in itself, it’s something I cherish and love to do. However it’s no secret that bookstores are expensive and that we can find the same book for a fraction of the price online and for a few dollars in the land of the e-books.

E-books will never yellow and the ink will never fade, you don’t have to worry about food crumbs or runaway pens, but you’ll never be able to slowly turn the page as you’re finishing the last sentence or slam the book closed at a nervous, giddy or terrifying moment only to ease it back open.

The ultimate upside to the e-reader is travel. I mean every time I fly somewhere I can think of ten books that I want to take with me to read at different times but fitting them into my suitcase is not even plausible. Enter the e-reader, all ten books, one slim design.

A lot of people take sides in this debate, and it is all about personal preference, everything entirely subjective.

For me it can only go like this; hardbacks for collecting, paperbacks for reading and e-books for travel.

I think that these two systems are going to have to learn to co-exist with each other, mingle together harmoniously…just don’t take away my book shops…

So what are you? E-reader or Paperback?

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