Every 10th Book Free!

You go to most coffee shops and they’ll try and hand you a piece of cardboard, maybe that nice shiny cardboard, that tells you that if you buy nine of their caffeinated beverages they will give you a tenth beverage for FREE. For free people. Craziness.

Now tell me, oh virtual ones, why is this not already a thing in bookstores? 

Sure, bookstores have loyalty cards or systems, but are they really that good to their loyal customers?

I’ve bought dozens of books at my local bookstore making sure to flash my fancy plastic loyalty card under the scanner and so far i haven’t seen any rewards for my copious book buying. Generally when you do accumulate enough reward points, or the like, your “reward” is what? A $5 voucher? Nothing too exciting or equivalent to the twenty books i just purchased.


Lets take a moment to imagine how book sales would skyrocket if a ‘buy nine, get the tenth free’ loyalty system was brought in.

Imagine the magic of it. Us bookishly obsessed people would buy those nine books just to get that tenth one free. You don’t need those nine books, you don’t have a reason to buy those nine books, you probably don’t even like some of those nine books, BUT, the tenth one is free. Don’t even pretend you wouldn’t buy a bundle of nine books each and every time you walked into a bookstore while holding a magical loyalty card excreting rainbow pixie dust.

It’s a full proof sales strategy…i should be selling this for millions.

Is this just my town? Am i being taken for a ride compared to other bookstores out there with an amazing loyalty system? Or should we all be finding our inner protesters and be fighting this grave injustice?

Everyday there are new “hashtag” campaigns springing up all over the place, so why not create one for bringing in every 10th book free!






9 thoughts on “Every 10th Book Free!

      1. The nearest bookstore is about 20 minutes away…not too far.
        Kind of unfortunate because I’m pretty sure any promotion of literacy within our community would make sense for anyone that took a look at how our public schools rank.


      2. oh okay, i also don’t technically have a bookstore in my town either, its in the next town over but it’s so close (my high school was there) and i’m in that main street more often than my own haha
        That’s too bad, i really think there isn’t enough emphasis placed on engaging in literature in general, when i was in high school most kids hated the prescribed books before they even read them, out of principal :/

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      3. I don’t remember reading for pleasure in H.S. either but that was a long time ago!
        It’s funny, I don’t actually meet that many adults that enjoy reading. I like to give away books when I am done reading them and so when I ask acquaintance’s or co-workers if they like to read, it surprises me how often the response is “not really.”


      4. i get that from a lot of the adults in my life too, im currently at university so i’m surrounded by people who love books as well but outside of that environment it’s pretty rare.


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