REVIEW: Noble Warrior by Becca M Ketelsleger


The legend of the Knights of the Round Table comes alive once more, when a young girl masquerades as a knight in order to save her father from a traitor’s death. Entering a world where strengths often illuminate crippling weaknesses and knights in shining armor aren’t always heroes, Noble discovers that she has found a home serving the King who she has promised to hate. Wars are fought, lives are lost and hearts are broken. As she fights, lives and laughs among the men who become her closest friends and most formidable enemies, Noble comes to understand the true meaning of bravery and the heroic nobleness of the one true King.

Kings, Knights and round tables oh my! What more could you want in a book?

Noble Warrior reminded me of Mulan, in a really amazing twisted redo, English version. Clearly there were a bunch of great differences but the basic premise is there. A young, head strong girl with great sword fighting abilities is shocked when her father is taken away for treason, she cuts off her hair, shrugs into her fathers clothes and heads off to the kingdom to fight for a place in the kings ranks in order to free her father.

The hero of this book is the writing itself. It really pulled everything together and was one of the strongest reasons I wanted to keep reading. Ketelsleger shows great skill in writing battle scenes and amazing sword fighting descriptions, which is what we all want from a period piece like this one. We get an in depth look into our protagonist’s thoughts and feelings, the struggle she feels concerning her loyalty to the crown and her father as well as a look into what falling in love for the first time was like for her.

The chapters where probably a little too long for my liking and the shift in time was sometimes disorienting, like the two year time jump. However I do concede that this two year jumped showed the realities of war, the way it drags for years and years.
We are introduced to a King who, to me, didn’t really feel like a king. A king needs to be strong, commanding and confident. This king was the opposite, at one point actually asking why Noble doesn’t like him and if he’s really that bad…He just didn’t feel like a realistic king to me.

With saying that however there where some really well thought out characters like the womanizing, cocky knight who added a little something extra into the mix.

So many elements of this book worked really well to produce a compelling, action packed book which kept me reading until the end.


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