Too Old For YA Fiction?

Can you be too old for Young Adult fiction?

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Is there some unspoken cut off age that we all just naturally follow? Isn’t that what happened with children’s books? When did we grow out of them and into the next ‘level’?

If we are going to take on this concept then we have to first define what exactly constitutes a ‘young adult’. For the sake of the argument lets say a ‘young adult’ ends around 25 (too early?).When we hit twenty five is there some unconscious switch that flips over to ‘adult-books-only-please’.

Or does it happen gradually, naturally? Will we not even realise when we start shuffling over to the section of the bookstore labeled ‘Fiction A-Z’ instead of our usual haunt ‘Young Adult Fiction’.

Are you as scared as I am?

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Can we ever really be too old? Can I be forty five and still reading the latest Rainbow Rowell or John Green or the next Divergent or Hunger Games? And I think the more important question is, will we still enjoy them. Will we still want to read them, will we connect with them and cry with them?

Or will we simply need something more mature that our thirty something brains can relate too?

There’s a lot of questions with most likely little to no absolute answers, just subjective ones. For me, personally, being twenty I think I have a good ten or so years in me to adore YA fiction. Maybe more.

Maybe when I stop reading YA, I’ll start writing it.



9 thoughts on “Too Old For YA Fiction?

  1. Never! While I don’t read as much as I used to, I don’t think there is such thing as being to old for YA fiction. If anything the older you get the more you should read it. It allows us to keep up with YA and see how their world has changed since we were YA. When done right, YA fiction is perfect for all ages.


  2. You’re never too old, my fifty year old dad still recommends the Hunger Games trilogy to all of his friends and it was because of him that I ever read Harry Potter too (he read them all as they came out). I find that Young adult books (particularly fantasy YA) is a far better read than the ‘adult’ version.

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