The Love Triangle

So I’ve recently gone to see the last Hunger Games movie and it got me thinking about the DEATH that is the love triangle. The thing that made me really dislike the books and made me not want to watch (and I still haven’t) the second hunger games movie.

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Twilight was the series that ignited my perpetual hatred of the love triangle. I was team Edward all the way.

Come at me Team Jacob!

I’ve always thought that a love triangle is something the author throws in there when they think their story isn’t interesting enough or that publisher or producers make them throw in to reel in the ‘fangirls’. They think that the only way a certain demographic will be interested in their book or film that has an otherwise deep and complicated plot is to chuck in a flimsy love triangle. I personally find it insulting.

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The Hunger Gamesย is my strongest form of an argument for this view. I mean look at the plot! The concept is amazing, the distopian society in which it’s set is wonderful, our protagonist is female and strong, the action is deadly, the stakes the highest. What made Collins think it was a good idea to throw in that unnecessary, shallow and wholly not fleshed out love triangle!

Was there a real need for it? No. The initial plot was enough. It just took time away from the actual life and death situations because apparently our interest will wane otherwise. For me it was unnecessary and frankly insulting.

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So maybe i’m reading a little too much into it, or maybe i’m taking it a little too personally but it is honestly something that really grinds my gears. A love triangle, no matter how ‘well’ it’s done, will nine times out of ten make me stop reading the book, throw it across the room and bury it in the backyard for good measure.

What are your thoughts on the dreaded love triangle? Love? Hate? Team Edward or team Jacob? Tell me what you think!



10 thoughts on “The Love Triangle

      1. Also why do the love triangle have to be 1 girl and two boys? Why not the other way around? Or all boys or all girls? Or the couple ends up being the 2 boys? Or a three way relationahip?

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      2. YES to everything you just said!! I want there to be a book with a love triangle between two boys and a girl and for the two boys to end up together! I would totally keep reading that one!!

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      3. I have to disagree on that. There was a time when I was really into the war memoirs (like, for example from II World War). In the time of war people are jumping into marriages, into hasty relationships, into risky sex just because there may not be tomorrow for them. Because if not now then when? Because in the face of world collapsing on them, their love, attraction or just the need of feeling somebody close is the only thing that will keep them sane.

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      4. I see your point and I completely agree with that! And I love romance, comfort, clinging to each other in that terrifying moment before some epic battle or some such BUT what I don’t agree with is the emphasis a lot of authors put on having one girl torn between two guys, ect, for me it’s just annoying to have that internal conflict going on before a big climatic scene of any kind and personally I think there has to be more substance in a book than that! Though I am thoroughly biased because once I want two characters to be together, that’s it, any love triangle business and I’m instantly frustrated! ๐Ÿ˜‚


  1. I know, tright? Don’t forget that usually there are two types of guys. First one is dark and broody and mysterious and snarky, he has some dark past, he doesn’t let anybody close becouse of THAT THING that happened to him, he’s cold as ice but with warm and gentle heart underneath. Eye roll. The second guy is nice and warm and happy and hinest, he’s probably girl’s best friend (note: me may or may not turn out to be a douche/psycho/psycho-killer/ villain/traitor).

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    1. Hahah but don’t forget that the dark, brooding, damaged boy ONLY lets that girl in because she’s just that special!! Haha definitely and I swear 9 times out of 10 the author tries to sway us to the dark and brooding over the boy next door! I’ll admit I usually root for that guy without needing to be swayed! ๐Ÿ˜‚


      1. Why, of course! She can find a way to his heart and make him better and to see the beauty of the world around him, make him alive again (that’s usually the case if he’s a dark and brooding vampire). I have to admit that I usually (but not always!) root for him. Yes, yes, I know. lol

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