What I Hope is Under my Christmas Tree TOMORROW!

Christmas is…TOMORROW! The day is almost upon us and I am eyeing off those presents under the tree like the proper 20 year old that I am.

I have a few books that I would love to get and if I don’t, well I’ll be buying them as soon as anyway!

Number one on the list is definitely the Harry Potter Illustrated Edition. I potter-illustrated-keeper-keys-2specifically didn’t buy it the second it was released because my mum wanted to buy it for me. I really just can’t wait!



Number two is also HP related and it HAS to be the Harry Potter Colouring harry20potter20colouringBook! I’ve totally gotten into this adult colouring thing and the second I saw a HP edition I knew I needed to get it! I think i’ll have to get the Game of Thrones one as well…maybe even the Alice in Wonderland one…


Another one was The Bane Chronicles…I’ll admit, I haven’t read The 5f2eee5818481624215d97917808fbfeMortal Instruments  but i”m on a really big LGBT YA fiction kick lately and I just want awesome gay characters and i’m pretty sure he’s will be one of them.


Mr Penumbra’s 24 Hour Book Store was also high on the list due to the 13538873title of the book containing the words ’24 hour BOOK STORE’. I mean, It’s a no brainer! I need this!
I’m also hoping for a few surprises thrown in there!

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