REVIEW: Til Seth do we Part by Winna Layarda


When Nate eventually pops the question again, Abby finally put a wrap to this four year engagement. They will be getting married in the Boathouse of Central Park! Abby got what she wanted, the thrill of wedding shopping.
When she got employed by the charming CEO of Winston Publishing, Seth, Abby had this sudden realization that Cupid might have shot the wrong arrow.
Who is not the one for her?

First off the cover is stunning! I wish I had a physical copy so i could stare at it!!

So If you are a regular reader of my blog and more specifically my reviews, then you’ll know that I don’t like love triangles, at all and I tend to dislike books that focus on a girl torn between two guys especially when she is already in a long term relationship. I don’t care if you feel a sudden spark and your eyes finally open to what true love actually is. Break up with your current partner and THEN feel that true love as much as you damn well please!

Til Seth do us Part is a new adult romantic contemporary read.

With saying that, while I did have reservations about this book, I found that, while the love triangle was frustrating for me, the writing was one thing that made it worth reading.

At the start Abby, our protagonist, is very focused on that fairy tale ending and I don’t think it really mattered who her prince turned out to be as long as she got her happy ever after complete with a fabulous wedding. She made me question whether she ever loved Nate or if she was just in love with the concept of a wedding.

The pace was pretty good and it didn’t drag too much. There was a lot of little details which really created the world in which we were living in. I liked this time spent on these little things, like how they met, what Nate’s lips felt like, how their dates went.
They were all nice little extras that we were thrown. There was a smooth transition from the first few paragraphs into realising that we had begun four years into their engagement. I love when an authors writing isn’t clunky and doesn’t jerk you out of the story.

I did have a few issues with the grammar, but it was nothing major or anything that I couldn’t skim over.

If you want to read something relatively light and romantic, Til Seth do us Part is definitely for you.



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