Supernatural Box UNBOXING

This was a one time December box by @appraisingpages who make the The Bookish Box subscription. Unfortunately I don’t think you are able to purchase this box anymore.

If you are a Supernatural fan, like myself, then we need to rally for a ongoing subscription service that will produce boxes like this one! I just need more Supernatural! All day all the time!


The box it comes in is amazing in  itself! It has two of the anti-possession symbols on the sides and the Impala number plate and #apspnbox with S.W and D.W as scratched carvings on the lats two sides.

So What Was In This Box You Ask?


Well, six lovely Supernatural influenced items.

  • A ‘Salt and Burn’ shirt by Appraising Pages
    I got a large but I think the sizes run WAY small because it was more like a small medium! I can still wear it, just as a tight (tight) shirt with a high waisted skirt.
  • A angel wing and pentagram necklace by the Geeky Cauldron
  • A candle with Sam’s face superimposed onto (Jesus’?) face by Dude Thats Rad
    Amazing! not much of a smell but i love the image! It also has some of the lyrics to Wayward Son on the other side.
  • A Sam magnetic bookmark by Happy Hello Art
  • Dean’s Cherry Pie Tea by Tea Hippies
    It smells amazing!! It was a slightly smokey scent that I haven’t come across in loose leaf tea before! it is probably only enough for one, maybe two, cups of tea.
  • Lastly we got a Moose and Squirrel infuser by Appraising Pages to have that tea with!
    It has a tiny, adorable moose and squirrel charm attached to the chain!


I was mostly, very VERY happy with this box! I’ve also been debating whether to subscribe to the the bookish box but at the end of the day it all comes down to money!!

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and stay safe during New Years Eve tomorrow!!! …man…it so doesn’t feel like New Years tomorrow!!! HOLY CRAP ITS ALMOST 2016!!!!!!!!!


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