The Evolution of the Book Cover: PART ONE

I love and hate it when an amazing book gets a new beautiful jacket. I love it because sometimes the original jacket wasn’t very nice or the new one is just better, or I love both of them and the new jacket it just nice and fresh. I hate it because it makes me want to buy several editions of the same damn book! Yes i’m looking at you Harry Potter!

These are just a few of the books I love (or are really popular) and the evolution of their covers. I say ‘evolution’ lightly because I may miss an edition or two and i’ll only be showing English editions so all those amazing foreign editions (foreign to me) won’t be included.

(mind the formatting…*shrug*)

HARRY POTTER and the Philosophers Stone


Published 1997.
This will always be the ORIGINAL cover to me!





Published 1999.
This is the blasphemous US edition where they Changed the freaking NAME!
Bloody Americans





Published 2004.
The adult coversaren’t my favourite




Published 2010.
A lot of people didn’t like these…I don’t mind them.






Published 2013.
Not the best but I do love that each book is a different colour combo




Published 2013.





Published 2014.





Published 2015.

I’d say this is the best one yet!






Which is your favourite cover??



9 thoughts on “The Evolution of the Book Cover: PART ONE

  1. I’m one of those bloody Americans lol, but I prefer the original British title. As much as I like the original British and American covers, I like the 2015 cover best.

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  2. My favorite is still the one published in 1997. The one from 2014 is also quite beautiful but I don’t like it that Hogwarts looks less beautiful than my imagination and input from the films.

    Greetings by Sophie

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