Harry Potter and the Cursed Child book Release

Is this really what we want?

Well, yes. Of course it’s what we want. I’d say that we Potterheads want everything and
anything new in J. K. Rowling’s world.Ca3FES2W8AA22F-.png

And considering I can’t be one of those lucky ones to make the pilgrimage to the London theaters to see this newest installment, I am super excited to be able to have the play in my favourite format; A book!

I do however have some reservations about the release of the book.

I was reading an article about it this morning on the Sydney Morning Herald website and a lot of the information kind of made me a little…nervous to buy and read the book.

The major reason being that I’ll be buying this book because one, I love Harry Potter and two, it has J. K. Rowlings name attached to it. However, the majority of the book/play isn’t even written BY J. K. Rowling! It’s mostly written by some guy called Jack Thorne. Now what does that mean for the book? The characters? The setting? Is this going to read like an actual follow on from Deathly Hallows by Rowling or as a fan fiction 10 years later? I know, obviously, that Rowlings input must be there but will her voice be there? Will the way she describes our most beloved characters be there? Will the fantastical way she writes the encompassing world be there? If these are Thorne’s words then i’m not sure I can see how the book will TRULY be the ‘eighth’ book.

The other thing that kind of put me off was at the end of the article, where it said:

“Rowling said the new book’s first release will be a special rehearsal edition and will be replaced by a “definitive collector’s edition”, allowing the play’s creative team to make changes to the production” –Sydney Morning Herald

A ‘rehearsal edition’? To be replaced by a somewhat changed ‘collectors edition’?

So i’m going to shell out $20 odd dollars when it first comes out then go back and spend probably over $20 for this collectors edition because it will be like a sentence or two different? Don’t get me wrong I have no doubt I’ll be pre-ordering them both just because they start with ‘Harry Potter’ and there could be something different. At the same time though it’s a little annoying that they have to do this double release thing.

A lot of people are saying that this book is nothing more than a way to get more money out of us and I have to say I can see where they are coming from.

HOWEVER, I am still so beyond excited, and I hope that I’m wrong and that the book follows on perfectly and is just drowned in Rowling’s voice! Fingers crossed and here’s hoping!

What is your opinion of this upcoming book?? Do you feel the same? Or have you felt nothing beyond ecstatic joy?

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2 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child book Release

  1. I’m really excited to get another book, and completely new story, but I agree with you, I do have some reservations. I just hope it ends up being nothing but amazing!

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