Book Armour

I was watching an episode of Sex and the City the other day, and it ended with Carrie sitting at a cafe with just herself, without any ‘single armour’. It was her saying she was okay with being by herself and she didn’t need to hide that from anyone. I realised that I have that same habit, and if I have it, then I can assume a lot of people have that same fear of being caught out by themselves. Whether you’re waiting on a friend or you’re simply by yourself.   


This is where us book nerds break out the book armour.

When your alone out in the world. Grabbing a coffee by yourself or lunch, you feel as though you need some form of armour, camouflage of sorts. For years our armour was the paperback, more recently it’s being edged out by the mobile phone. I’ll admit it’s a lot easier to look busy on a mobile, texting or googling to pass the time. 

Like I said, thinking over this I came to the realisation that I always have some form of armour on me if I’m out by myself, out of habit if nothing else. It makes me feel less…alone if I have a book to read at a cafe or out at the park or beach if I’m alone.


Personally I think this is something most of us do. We, as human beings, feel more conscious of ourselves if we’re alone in public. Maybe even judged for dinning out alone or going to a movie solo.

We are conditioned at birth to need, want and crave companionship and to feel less than if we don’t accomplish this. However if we don’t have another human being, then a good book is the next best thing!

For me I think there’s nothing better then having a good book by your side while you drink that coffee or have a lovely meal all by yourself. I always end up being there twice as long as I intended to be when that book is in my hands. It’s so easy to get swept away with the story and stay there for that second and third coffee.


There is obviously nothing wrong with being out in the world by yourself, and there is also nothing wrong with carrying around some armored paper.

Do you notice this behaviour in yourself? Have you ever consciously realised it yourself?

What’s your favourite solo armour?


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