Don’t blow up my Ship with your Canon

I am a Drarry shipper and not ashamed to shout it into the blogosphere!

When ‘Fandom’ and ‘Shipping’ was all new and shiny and the only people who participated in such fanfare were those of use who kept it to ourselves and our tiny community, I was a little ashamed to admit to my “normal” friends that after school I went home and dived into some good old Harry Potter or Twilight fanfiction, with the occasional crossover.
These days i’m not so bothered, and I’ll have to admit, that is partly due to fandom and shipping exploding into the mainstream where fictional characters are no longer the only people shipped.

A part of me wishes it hadn’t, become a part of the norm that is. There was something nice about it being just for a few of us, that our escapes from reality were secretive and clandestine. like a Cult with secret handshakes and jargon so that we could find each other without detection. If we had thought this whole thing through a little better we could have taken over the world ย by now.

It’s like when you fall in love with a series that no one else seems to know about except for a small community of people. Then a movie adaption appears and suddenly that series is no longer “yours” but everyone elses and you love that you have more people to talk to about it but also hate that you have more people to talk to about it because they think the movie was better and their ship is just SO off course.

That’s not to say that i’m against bringing fandom life into our hetero/cis normative society, I think it’s amazing and it shows that our society is capable of accepting what they once considered weird or abnormal.

I think what people seem to clash over the most in this fandom world is ‘the ship’.

OTPs and ships could bring about world destruction, lets be honest.

Whether you have too many ships, or an ‘unrealistic’ ship (really though?), or a ship that strays from canon. Any and all ships you have are valid because they’re yours. If they drive you to write or create beautiful works of art or post photos and make friends who love your otherworldly ship just as much as you do, then what could be better?

I won’t lie, when a canon comes along and completely blows up my ship I crash into denial real hard.

Seriously J. K. Rowling, where are all my UST (Unresolved Sexual Tension) scenes between Harry and Draco?! I know you have them somewhere!


Come on authors and script writers, don’t blow up my ship with your canon!!


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