Should we Stop Buying Books Online?

The closure of independent and chain bookstores is nothing new, but is it our own fault?

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Browsing the rows of newly printed books at my local bookstore is one of my favourite things to do, however, i’ll be the first to admit that the price tag will always deter me from purchasing. Because i know that there’s this magical place called the Book Depository waiting for me at home with the exact same book…cheaper.

I just bought three books from my local bookshop the other day because I was with my friend and she said “come on, it’s local economy” and then i started to feel guilty, so i spent a good $15-$20 more than i would have online. And believe me, I wanted to save that extra $20 but at the same time I saw my friends point. What if i never bought from my local again, what if everyone went and met their bookish needs online every single time? I have no doubt that my local bookshop would go out of business in a matter of months. No more fresh book smell right on my Main Street, no more browsing the rows, no more seeing how big or small a book is or feeling the weight of it in your hands before buying it!

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While I love the convenience of online shopping I can’t help but notice that in a few years the majority of people will probably be solely online shoppers and that means that the days of spending The day at the shops will eventually become a thing of the past, and that includes bookstores.

So my advice to you, fellow book buyers! (And to myself) would to be, buy more books at our locals! Just one book could make a huge difference! …well okay, maybe not THAT big a difference, but maybe just a little and that’s damn well good enough for me!


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