The *Fandom Books you Just Can’t get into

*books that have gained a large pop culture fandom following.

I know that there are people out there that *gasp!* don’t like Harry Potter. Shocking, but true. When this happens we must ask ourselves, how and why and is this even possible?

I myself, never got into the phenomenon that was The Hunger Games. 

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Is it the hype itself that puts us off one particular series over another or something else entirely? I grew up with my mum reading Harry Potter to me before bed and then the insanity that is the HP fandom came many years after that and the hype didn’t put me off the book but if anything, heightened my love if it. On the other side of things I read the first Hunger Games book while i was in Italy before the hype of the movies. I didn’t finish the book then and i doubt i’ be able to finish it now. I just didn’t like the book and then I do honestly think that the hype surrounding the movies discouraged me from giving it another go, I simply didn’t want to be a part of it. I did however enjoy the last movie in the spirit of full disclosure, I never got to the last book though.

Another one that i found a lot of people disliking is the Divergent series. To be clear we’re talking about the books, not movies in this case because that’s a whole different deal. Mainly i’ve seen a lot of “this is just another Hunger games”, and then of course we have to start the ‘no it’s not’, ‘yes it is’ argument. I can see where that misguided thought is coming from though. It’s due to the very nature of the dystopian genre itself. Dystopian novels follow a strict structure and therefore most dystopian novels have many of the same patterns and elements. These similarities have unfortunately put a lot of people off Divergent for example. They just simply can’t get into them!


Its a weird and wonderful fact of life! It would be incredibly boring if everyone loved and hated the exact same things, if we carried all the same opinions about pop culture. Think about it, who would you argue with over the internet if we all thought the same way about these fandom followings? 


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