The Reading Slump

After a really good book, or a really bad book, it is easy to fall into one of the perils of the booknerd: the reading slump.

It is a horror that can befall even the most dedicated reader and it’s even harder to pull yourself out of.

Some of the reasons I have fallen into a reading slump consist of:

  • The last book Β I read was just so damn good!

We’ve all been through this one. We’ve just finished a Mind blowing series or standalone. We don’t even want to close that back cover and I don’t think my hands want to put it down, let alone back on the bookshelf! And the thought of picking up something else? Blasphemy!

  • The last book I read was pretty terrible.

I think this is pretty common too. We had such high hopes for that last book! Everyone loved it and goodreads had such wonderful reviews but…it just wasn’t good and you feel betrayed. Then comes the problem of picking the next book and the doubts. What if I’m wrong about this one too? What if my expectations are too high? What if it sucks!?

  • I’ve gotten so busy that every time i go to pick up a book I put it back down before opening it.

When uni rolls around this is where I’m at all the time. I don’t even have time to pick up my prescribed readings let alone a book for pure pleasure! I personally haven’t found a good way around this one yet…

  • I’m just not in the mood for anything on my bookshelf.

My bookcases are overflowing and yet I have nothing to read! It’s the age old conundrum, first it’s clothes and now books and if you identify as a female like myself then I don’t have to tell you it’s twice the issue!
Are you in a reading slump now?

What are your reading slump pitfalls??


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