Too Old to Fangirl?

*and fanboy!

Is that a grandma in a…’Drarry’ tshirt?!

Okay, say it with me now…I. Am. A…FANGIRL!

200 (6).gif

Are we ever too old to fangirl over our favourite books and films? Can I be 80 and still get all excited and giggly over the latest Harry Potter repromote? The answer is, OF COURSE I CAN!

Don’t let anyone every tell you to grow up and get over your childish fancies!

I grew up with Harry Potter as a part of my imaginative life and I have no doubt that there will always be a special place in my heart for it. That place will consist of a teenage me decked out in my Slytherin Pride gear, jumping around belting out “Hogwarts Hogwarts Hoggy Warty Hogwarts!”

I think this will be the case for most people whether it be breaking out the lightsabers at the retirement home, having a supernatural marathon or running around with a bow and arrow screaming about the capital, at any stage in our lives.

There’s something about these books and movies and tv shows that we instantly connect with and then clutch to our chests to never release them again, and when you fall down the rabbit hole that is the fandoms, well that’s it, game over, you will never claw your way back out. You’ll be a lifer from that point on.

Congratulations your a fan…person! I’ll see you at the next convention!


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