10 Amazing Writing Prompts from 642 Tiny Things to Write About

Do you know where your next burst of inspiration will come from?

Will it tickle the back of your neck and whisper an idea into the shell of your ear or will it thwack you over the back of your head and grunt ‘don’t be stupid, my idea is always the best idea’?

Probably both, or if you’re a smart little Vegemite, you’ll pluck one out of 642 Tiny things to Write about and turn a small idea into a masterpiece. Personally I’m still waiting for my fairy god writer to glitter bomb me with an idea…in the mean time however, I’m going to pick, what I think, are the best 10 tiny things and see where the inspiration could take us!

 I received this amazing tiny book in one of my owlcrate boxes, and I’m so glad I did because I probably never would have picked it up myself, but it’s amazing and so, so adorable!g

Let’s all live with a touch of spontaneity and amazing writing prompts.

BTW I got hooked on these amazing prompts all within the first 20 or so pages…imagine what awaits us in the rest.

1. The very first prompt: Write yesterday’s fortune cookie. It got everything wrong.
This could be such an amazing story. The fortune cookie says that today will bring you luck and good fortune but you end up being fired, mugged on the way home, car toed, mother in law drops in…the list is endless!

2. Write about the time you broke: A bone. A heart. A law. A promise.
I like the ‘a law’ idea…we could get ourselves in some Orange is the New Black territory… 

3. Describe your next kiss.
I love this one because it’s asking you to describe your NEXT kiss…that could be anything you want it to be.

4. Write the fist sentence of your obituary.
Highly morbid, but interesting. What do you think someone else would write about you? Or is your story some The Lovely Bones deal?

5. Describe the sounds of the street outside your office building the moment after you were fired and escorted from the building.
Why were you fired? Are you acting aggressive and that’s why you need to be escorted? Do the sounds outside mirror your mood or mock it?

6. Pretend you are a tree. What are you thinking as they try to cut you down?
I love the use of personification and I love trees! So this one is a winner all round for me.

7. Think of your worst rejection. Write a thank you note to the person who rejected you.
I thought this was an interesting one. Was the rejection the best thing that ever happened to you or the worst? Was it a work rejection or personal rejection?

8. Write the headline of an online dating profile for the man who just walked by you.
Incorporating elements of people around you can be the best kind of inspiration, especially strangers with a life you make up for them.

9. Someone parked his or her car in a way that makes it hard for you to exit you garage. Write a very nice note. Write a very angry note.
This one is SO real for me. I need to write these letters and then choose the more effective one to put under my neighbours windscreen! On second thoughts I could never do that, but the catharsis could do wonders for me!

10. Write why the giant wishes he were small.
It’s because his feet always hang off the end of the bed. Horribly uncomfortable that one.

What is your favourite prompt? Do you have any tiny prompts of your own?

The best game to play with this book?

It’s one we all know, flip to a random page, eyes closed, pointing finger at the ready. Whatever prompt you land on you have to do…unless you don’t like it, in that case take another spin at it, you’ll get there eventually.


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