Book Review:Rightful Heir by Becca Ketelsleger


Journeying across the sea to the island of Bryton, Detta Antille dreams of finding  adventure in the court of the well-loved King Aidan. But when she arrives, she is met with tragedy. After the death of King Aidan, Bryton is in shambles and the fight for the crown has begun. the King’s sister, Morgana, has commenced her march on Calentto and the adulterous former Queen, Glorianna, hides in sanctuary, claiming to carry the King’s child. It is soon discovered that Aidan has named another heir, his young friend Victor Constantine. Against seemingly impossible odds, a small group of loyal knights, politicians ans citizens begin a quest to win the unknown man the crown. Throughout her journey to help place Victor on the throne, Detta begins to question everything she once held true and eventually comes to see that the fate of a nation rests on her shoulders.



Rightful Heir is the squeal to Noble Warrior and I received my copy of Rightful Heir from the Author in exchange for an honest review.

I love a good Medieval fiction when I’m in the reading mood for villages, kingdoms, knights and treachery and Rightful Heir is the perfect book for this kind of mood.

I adore reading a strong female heroin, following her through every adventure, rooting for her and loving every ass-kicking moment. Detta was a stunningly strong protagonist and I found it to be a wonderful experience viewing this medieval world through her eyes. I feel like there is a serious lack of stories set within the realm of kings and knights that have a strong female protagonist, so this was very refreshing.

Ketelsleger did a really wonderful job at smoothly integrating the characters from  Noble Warrior at the start with a moment that really made me giggle. The dialogue was really easy for me to follow and overall the story line played out really nicely and was only slightly predictable.

There was a lot of dense description throughout and while, for me, I found that it really grounded the sense of place; I can see some people finding it to be too much or annoying.
While this book had many positive points I do think there is a need for more editing of basic grammar and formatting aspects. It did take a while to get into any concrete action, which wasn’t a massive issue for me because I love getting to know a new world. Personally I found the page breaks to be too plentiful, distracting and made the overall reading experience kind of disjointed.

Overall, while I found that there were some negatives to this book, I really enjoyed the characters, setting and story line. I think that Ketelsleger has done a wonderful job at crafting this medieval novel and I strongly recommend this to anyone who loves supporting emerging authors and fictions set around kingdoms, knights and the fight to the crown.



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