March TBR

It’s almost the end of another moth so I thought I would get a head start on posting my FIRST ever (Hopefully) monthly To Be Read blog post!

I love snooping around other blogs and Instagram pages and seeing what everyone if hoping to get around to reading AND whether they actually read them or not!

Next month will be my first month back at Uni for my second year of psychology so I do have a slight suspicion that books for pleasure may be pushed to the side ever so gently.

So let’s do it! Continue reading “March TBR”

Don’t blow up my Ship with your Canon

I am a Drarry shipper and not ashamed to shout it into the blogosphere!

When ‘Fandom’ and ‘Shipping’ was all new and shiny and the only people who participated in such fanfare were those of use who kept it to ourselves and our tiny community, I was a little ashamed to admit to my “normal” friends that after school I went home and dived into some good old Harry Potter or Twilight fanfiction, with the occasional crossover. Continue reading “Don’t blow up my Ship with your Canon”